Current Skincare Routine (& asking for a favor!)

It’s about time I jumped back on the blog, huh?! I’m always (mostly) active on Instagram so make sure to follow me over there @notsostyled if you might be interested in more updates.

I’ve been really into my skincare routine lately and have been wanting to share. After purchasing a couple new products a few months ago, I felt like my routine was finally complete and I knew I had to share what has been working for me with y’all!

Stay tuned: I ask for some recommendations on products I’m on the hunt for at the end, so leave a comment!

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

This has been a favorite for years. And I mean, years. Maybe 10? Yeah. I like it. It’s gentle and makes my skin feel clean and does it’s job. My skin reacts to a lot of cleansers (may have found the ingredient though, should I post about it? Cough— grove collaborative) so I stick to a simple cleanser that’s gentle on my skin.


Dermologica Daily Microfoliant

Ever since I got a facial at Ulta about 6 months ago, I’ve been using this. She used a lot of products on my skin but I knew I had to buy this one. With the Cetaphil face wash being so gentle, I have found that I need the occasional exfoliant or else my skin looks clogged, I sometimes get very little bumps and I just need to refresh my skin. This works great. It’s different because it’s a powder and you mix a bit into your cleanser. I love it and will repurchase it!


Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

I can’t encourage you enough to GO BUY THIS. It truly does feel like water. No greesy residue, unlike other micellar waters. It makes my skin feel clean enough not to wash on days I’m either feeling lazy or didn’t wear makeup. I also use it to get off my makeup with a cotton pad. It’s the best and I have repurchased this multiple times.


Origins Eye Doctor

Purchased fairly recently but I think I might stick with this one once it runs out. With eye creams I like a lot of them, they’re “fine”, but I don’t love them so I end up buying a different one to try when I run out. For me, I want my eye cream to focus on moisture. In my super unprofessional opinion, I believe that moisture will be the biggest key to anti-aging so that is really the only thing I look for. This one smells like cucumbers, feels very gentle around the eye area and leaves my skin feeling soft.



Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer

Another classic in my routine. This good old moisturizer has been in my bathroom (well, not one specific bottle, many) for many many years now. Again, it’s simple, does the job (moisture and spf), doesn’t irritate my skin, and has a good price tag too! What more could I ask? I use it every morning and my skin feels soft and “quenched” (idk) and I love that it gives me some sun protection because I never remember spf- I’m bad.


Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil

I’m newer to oils but I’m sold. And actually, my husband used this too! No wonder I just ran out. This specific oil has SO many different oils and vitamins that are good for your skin. Plus it’s natural and smells good too. It leaves my skin feeling extra moisturized which is why I use it at night. Honestly though, the oil sinks in quickly and I just look glowy, not oily, in a few minutes so you could really use it whenever! Another that I will be repurchasing, prob today!


Derma-E Scar Gel

This was recommended by Abby Asselin on her YouTube channel and I was intrigued. It helps with scars and she said it helped her existing pimples seem to heal better. I think it is helping my acne scars, but the jury is still out as the packaging does say it requires more time. I do feel that when I put it on pimples they seem to heal quicker and better though. They flatten and fade a bit more… I think it’s worth a try if you struggle with acne scars or marks!



I feel like my skincare is pretty complete but I am still on the lookout for a few things. I tried a couple new things the past couple months and of course don’t want to try too many new products at once.

Anyway, I’m asking you for YOUR recommendations!

I’m on the hunt for: a retinol or serum, another deep nightly moisturizer (cream based since I love my oil), and maybe a face mask

Leave a comment if you have any suggestions for me to try!

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