My Top Picks | Stella & Dot Spring 2019 Collection

I had a Best in Beauty 2018 post ALMOST ready to post then I remembered…



A post on that post SO takes priority. I don’t want anything to sell out before you hear about it– I’ve heard the namesake stuff is super popular and a lot of pieces are getting rave reviews 🙂

So today is not my 2018 beauty favorites (that is coming early next week, promise). Today, is my top picks from the Stella & Dot Spring 2019 Collection.

If you have ANY questions about any of the pieces, leave a comment and I will get right back to you!

More than anything this collection, the clothes stood out to me. I am definitely getting some of these tops.


Ren Slouchy Knit Top in Tomato ($69) – everyone loves this and I need it


Erika Long Sleeve Top ($79) – another stunner, I need this one to go with some necklaces nicely.


Tatum Top ($69) – I love tied shirts! They only had short sleeved options before.


Sarees Pulley Bracelet ($29) – I’ve been loving Stella & Dot’s multi color pieces lately. Perfect for my plain style in clothes.


Stone Rebel Pendant Gold ($79) – I think this might be my top choice for jewelry. It is perfect to go with the Erika Long Sleeve top and the marble is stunning.


Stone Rebel Bracelet ($49) – Love the structure of this bracelet and, of course, the marble.


Essential Hammered Heart Hoops ($49) – I love their regular hammered hoops, so these look awesome too. Love that the hear is sideways so not as in your face when someone is looking at you straight on.


Namesake Necklace ($69 + Charms) – The Namesake Collection is going to be the Spring Collection’s Best Seller, I’m telling you!


Namesake Hoops ($49 + Charms) – These are SUCH a cool, unique way to wear personalized jewelry. I’m obsessed with these. Possibly pick #2 of all the jewelry (after the marble pendant, of course)


Corset Necklace ($89) – A hand braided statement piece with darker, more wearable colors perfect for the office. Statementy, yet not too statementy.


Chrissie Collar Necklace ($99) – Another statement piece yet delicate with this season’s new nude, blush. Something about this one, I just love.


Amour Drop Pendant ($99) & Amour Disc Pendant ($69) – Inspired by the look of wax seals, which I think is SO cool. I like them layered with the stone and charm as shown here.


Pave Horn Necklace ($39) – A smaller and less expensive alternative to their other pave horn, which I’ve been coveting for some time.


Crush It Backpack ($129) – So many cool features in this workout bag and I secretly love wearing backpacks, especially to the gym.


Waverly Petite Neutral Braided ($99) – I love love my Waverly bag from S&D’s Covet collection. This one is braided, which is so cool.

I’ll get back to ya’ll on the pieces I end up getting as I was a little behind on placing my order this time around with the busy time of prepping for teaching next semester… but I will DEF let you know how they look and what I got.

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