Gift Guide: Stella & Dot UNDER $50!

Finally! I present to you, my Stella & Dot Under $50 Gift Guide! I am so happy to share this. It’s full of my personal favorites, pieces that I find generate the most interest at trunk shows, bestsellers and items that even non-jewelry obsessed friends would love. And, of course, as the name implies, they’re all under $50.

As always, Stella & Dot also sells amazing engravable jewelry that I totally recommend and make amazing gifts. You can take a look at the engravable jewelry that they have here.

What gift guide should I do next? I am going to do a fashion/beauty one, but should I do a Stella & Dot over $50 gift guide or guide to Stella & Dot for specific people in your life? We shall seeeeee 🙂

Anyways, I would personally recommend any of these pieces, I really think you or anyone on your list to buy for will absolutely love them. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the jewelry or have a specific gift in mind for someone that I can help you find!


Top Row (left to right):

Mama Necklace

Rhett Necklace

Duchess Studs

Maika Earrings

2nd Row (left to right):

Sparkle Studs

Celestial Choker

Floral Pouf

Duchess Pendant

3rd Row (left to right):

Camo Scarf

Nicholette Bracelet

Roman Chandeliers

Loretta Necklace

4th Row (left to right):

Anda Intention – Creativity

Essential Hammered Hoops

Interlocking Hoops

Anda Intention – Balance

What is your favorite piece from the gift guide?
What type of gift guide should I do next? Leave your requests below!

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