I tried, sometimes.

You might be wondering about the name of my website and my little tagline. Is this a fashion blog or not? Well, I guess. Kind of. Not that I consider myself extremely fashionable.

love makeup. I love jewelry. I like fashion. Not quite love, but I really do enjoy simple, classic fashion. That is what I go for. Nothing too fancy, nothing too over the top, but wearable, everyday fashion is what I’m all about.


Despite my love (and like) for these things, I will be the FIRST one to admit that I don’t always try my hardest to look my absolute best every day. Hence my tagline.

Could I try harder? Yes. Will I? Probably not.

I am a mom. I work. I cook. I clean. I work some more. I get dirty. I wipe butts and clean up dog poop and run my kids around to activities and (try to) go to the gym and get sweaty.


I’m all about keeping it real here on Not So Styled, which is the whole essence of my blog. I love beauty and fashion, but we’re not over here pretending to be 100% dolled up every day.

Now, I’ll probably share more outfits and photos from my semi-put together days, but remember, for every day I look like that, I have at least two days spent wearing no makeup, in leggings and a sweatshirt stained from my one year old refusing to eat his breakfast. Actually, we’re lucky if food is the most disgusting thing on our clothes at the end of the day, right?

You’ll quickly learn that I think that less is more when it comes to all things beauty and style. When in doubt, I go for the classic, simple look. Might sound a bit boring to some, but I love it! I much prefer to accessorize with some fun pieces than buy an over the top shirt that I will probably only wear once.


I’m also a massive makeup hoarder, but I probably wear a total of 6 products on days that I wear makeup.

Unless its one of those days where I test out every piece of makeup I own only to sit at home binge watching a show. Those are the days I discover my best and most wild eye looks. It’s like playing dress up!


If you can relate to any of this, I hope you stick around and enjoy some of my looks or reviews or whatever else I find myself sharing here at Not So Styled.

Hope some of you stick around despite all the talk about baby and dog poop. Oops.

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